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In Memoriam of Kostas Nittis

It is with great sadness that the MonGOOS community shares news of the loss of Dr. Kostas Nittis on 29 July 2014 after a long illness period.


Kostas was a leading figure for the promotion of operational oceanography in the Mediterranean Sea that was actively involved in the MonGOOS community since its early beginnings. After being the representative for the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research in MedGOOS for five years, he was appointed to be the MedGOOS Chairperson by the IOC in 2007. Additionally, when the Mediterranean Task Team of EuroGOOS became MOON, in 2005, Kostas was designated to be the chairman of the Operational Advisory Board. He played a key role in the development and coordination of MOON-MedGOOS joint activities that ended up with the integration of both initiatives into MonGOOS.


Beyond the sphere of the Mediterranean Sea, as a distinguished oceanographer, Kostas was appointed Secretary General of the EuroGOOS network in 2012. He had also been involved in European Marine Science integration and strategic development efforts as a member of the European Science Foundation Marine Board. Through participation in multiple projects and networks, he became a prominent figure in Europe for the promotion of marine science and setting the marine research agenda.


Kostas Nittis served as Research Director at the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research. He had a Ph.D in Physical Oceanography (1993), B.Sc in Physics (1987). His main research interests were in the field of physical and operational oceanography being PI in several international and national projects in this area. He had more than 40 papers in peer-reviewed journals and books and more than 90 publications in conference proceedings.


MonGOOS has lost a great leader, a loyal colleague and a dear friend that will be hugely missed. We extend our condolences to his family and to his many colleagues at HCMR and across the marine science community.