In Memoriam of Dr Zoran Kljajic (1954-2015)

The 31 of May 2015. slowly goes to the past, but the feeling of unbelief and sadness for the sudden loss of Dr Kljajic grows to the future. Dr Kljajic was distinguished scientist, the great contributor to the montenegrin marine science and ecology development and above all he was a good man.

Dr Zoran Kljajic was born in 1954. in Bogatic, Serbia. He received his doctorate in the field of Chemistry at the Faculty of Sciences, University of Belgrade. His wealthy and succesful professional career started at the Institute of Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry and Instrumental analysis in Belgrade on 1978. From 1981 he worked at the Institute of Marine Biology in Kotor, University of Montenegro, where from 1982 until the death was the Head of Laboratory for Chemistry, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. On 1996 he was elected for scientific advisor. Dr Kljajic was a member in a number of professional organisations (former Serbia and Montenegro representative in IOC UNESCO and MedGOOS and MonGOOSE montenegrin representative) and societies (American Chemical Society, Serbian Chemical Society, Montenegrin chemical society), editor in nacional scientific journal "Studia Marina". He was a member of the Senate and member of the Scientific Board of the University of Montenegro. In the period from 1999 to 2000 served as Deputy Minister of Science of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Dr Kljajic had a broad scientific interest related to the chemistry of marine natural products, biochemistry, molecular biology, marine ecology. Knowing the meaning and importance of the oceanography, he was deeply devoted to bring the Institute of Marine Biology and Montenegro to the great family of Oceanographic organisations in Europe. His scientific life was marked by a large number of journal working papers, articles and more than 40 national, bilateral and international research and applied projects. He was author or co-author of a number of studies, surveys and expert opinions in the field of protection of the sea. His great experience has been built in several master and doctoral thesis of domestic and foreign students. He worked selflessly and with great enthusiasm on spreading the scientific spirit and experience to the younger generations. His collaborative sense for the work was recognized through the large number of visits of eminent scientists from the whole world to our Institute, through a lot of scientific project and experiments that have enriched the research treasure of the Institute of Marine Biology.

Dr Zoran Kljajic was aware of the importance to link the Institute to the Mediterranean Operational Network for the Global Observing System. He was aware of all obstacles on the way to "come alive" operational oceanography in our country, but he worked strongly to promote its importance within montenegrin scientific and governmental bodies. He used to say to us that it is very important to start, to be informed, to be linked, to look beyond.

The Institute of Marine Biology has lost a great scientist, one strong career and power for ideas.

Professor Kljajic as we, his assistants, used to call him, was our scientific leader, our life teacher. The person with great soul that you respect, admire and love in the same time.

We will remember his strong scientific spirit, optimism and naturalness, his dedication for work and encouragement to go further.

The 31 of May has brought us the great sadness but in the same time the pride that we were the part of professor Kljajic scientific team.


The members of his Laboratory and his eternal debtors for science